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depends on the scale and requirements

if you want my personal opinion - theres nothing wrong with doing it, just make sure you scope the role and requirements out well and have a good agreement in place

a lot of the time it comes down to trust and reliability - do you trust x provider to not only provide a good service but to treat your data with the confidentiality it requires, and do they generally fix things fast especially when its mission critical?

DISCLAIMER: a lot of what my day job entails is exactly that - clients outsource there web infrastructure administration to me so i know that it does work for some people.
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It depends on the scale of your operations. If you're a Sole Proprietary or one man business with minimum ICT requirements then outsourcing would not be a good idea. The best would be to up skill yourself and know what you do and do what you now.

However if your organisation has a few computers or ICT equipment that none of your stuff are familiar with then ask your self :-
 1.) Is your organization finding it difficult to meet customer needs?
2.) Does your organization want to remain small, but has a huge market presence?
3.) Does your organization have a team which is not sure about which product lines make/lose money?
4.) Is your company experiencing constant challenges based on operational issues?
5.) Does your organization lack the competence & expertise that would grow the business?
6.) Does your enterprise have important nonrecurring project requirements but no resources to handle them?
7.) Does your productivity gets affected massively by down times & malfunctioning systems?
8.) Does your critical business operations rely or depend on ICT ?

If you answered a YES to any one of the above questions then i advise you to outsource IT Support. You benefit a lot in an event you can not afford to have a Systems Admin, Network Admin, Systems Engineer & a help desk techie or you can't afford to have an internal help desk.Outsourcing has two routes and the first and relatively useless is a reactive approach where you outsource on ad-hoc basis. This is cheaper for organisations that have a minimal paralysis of business due to down times. Outsourced resources only attend to incidents after they occur. While this is cheaper in the short run it easy relatively costly in the long run because of lack of business continuity and unforeseen and unmanageable results. The second option and most reliable and relatively priced is the proactive approach which normally comes with a binding Service Level Agreement or SLA. This is a near perfect outsourcing model that would be perfect for SMB's. However as your enterprise grows then economies of scale will certainly favour that you have an internal IT department depending on our management style and company vision and mission this could be a good idea.

Normally IT is viewed as a cost center with high OPEX & CAPEX and enterprises are trying to achieve more with less thus the final decision is on the business leaders with the assistance of technology consultants.
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