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There are a number of stories in the USA of known hackers / Virus creators etc.  who eventually work for great companies after turning their lives around.

Now come to Zimbabwe, lets just say I have found what could possibly be the greatest security flaw in security and encompasses no less than 1000 people.  Would one be justified in "asking" for a payout to reveal the secret?
Demanding payment in exchange for not revealing a security flaw amounts to extortion in all jurisdictions of which I am aware. Regardless, doing so would be unethical. Merely because others have benefited from a life of crime neither mitigates nor excuses any crimes that you choose to commit. Besides, studies have proven that by far the most wealth will be garnered from honest ventures. "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."
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I let it go. And here is why, i simply secured my "connections" i.e clients etc, and if and when they want help they know where to look.  I couldnt care less to try benefit from this not worth my time.

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Zimbabweans treat it like its a joke and it happens somewhere else..You could just ask  for a payout to reveal your secrect OR if they think your are Crazy Just eXploiT the Flaw.
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Point noted.  Its actually pretty crazy what I stumbled upon.  I am not going to exploit it, that would be criminal, but I am going to put it out there that there is an issue that needs to be resolved immediately, was just wondering what everyone thought and felt about such issues.
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In this particular case they never paid out or did they ask for further assistance. so the flaw still exists today. POC was offered and they just did not respond. I personally just let it go.
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