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I have a room with 3 wifi routers all connected to different providers then a second room about 10m away with two other wifi routers.
All 5 routers provide internet connectivity to 12 different devices currently in the said household.

Among those devices are android and ios devices which need 802.11g.

Can someone help me with mapping frequencies or point me to a tool that would provide for minimal interference and allow all signals to propagate.

My options are in terms of all devices are any 802 protocol i.e. a,b,g,n.  Channels 1-14.  Frequency step 20 or 20/40Mhz.

Thanks in advance

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by Guru (88.1k points)
On android, here ar utilities to use. They all do the same thing but some give more details than others.

1. inSSider

2. Wifi Analyser

3. Aruba utilities. This is the grand daddy of them as it give a more detailed and expect mode.
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Here is my challenge on the 2.4Ghz Band
First network running on channel 1 no problem there no overlap
but networks 2,3,4 have an overlap.  
How do I get network 3 red to use channel 8,9,10 only?
by Guru (88.1k points)
You only get three channels which doesnt overlap ie channel 1,6 and 11. ln other words you are a bit limited on which channels to choose if yu ar on 2.5, if your hardware support it, why not use the 5ghz
by Expert (16.7k points)
none of my clients support 5ghz
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Next question would be if I set all my networks to Auto?  Does that mean when a particular network is not in use it will free up the channel on either side of Channel 1, 6 or 11.

Second question if I set my network channel to 2, 7 and 12 will there still be overlap?
by Guru (88.1k points)
The general idea is to leave 5 channels btwn to avoid overlaping, so that setup might work well
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