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The Bible Audiobook is a very simple application to listen to all Bible passages. It  is a must have Bible study tool. Perfect when on the go. Can work with the display turned off to preserve the battery life.
The applications allow you to choose between books and Chapters of the Bible and get inspired. It very clean and easy to use application.
You can stream the passages or download them into your device (Internet connection required)

King James Version Bible with Audio is a FREE pocket Bible solution with the following features:
- Great audio quality
- No internet connection required (great for iPod Touch users, remote locations, long flights, and battery life)
It is a large application of 6 days and 4 hours of continuous audio. One must be patient when downloading and installing it. The device shouldn’t be used during the installation. The application requires 2.2GB of free space for installation. The app will take 825MB after the installation process.
If you have any download/install related problems, please, install it through the iTunes on your computer. Once installed, it will worth every byte of it.

KJV Bible Audiobook Network Edition is a very lightweight application; it is available on the appstore for free as well. It is only 2.5 mb, but needs an Internet connection in order to play the audio and show maps,since it uses the streaming technology, it lacks audio scrolling capability.
KJV Bible Audiobook application will let you to:
- Read the Scriptures
- Listen to the Scriptures
- Listen and follow the text at the same time

Additional features:
- Reading history
- Notes with the ability to email them
- Daily reading
- Bookmarks
- Search in the Bible
- Continuous play (doesn't stop playing after the chapter ends)
- Ability to scroll the audio and synchronize the text with it.
- Biblical Maps
- Reference to other Bible Translations
- Self updating community and development news in the "About Box"

To initiate the playback for the first time, please make sure you press the "speaker" button at the bottom of the screen and If you are a Christian and English is not your primary language, this application will serve you as a great learning tool.
I really like this! At first I thought this might be low quality, as many others are. However, only seconds into listening proved what a "high quality" this is. Thank you and may God bless you for freely giving us such a wonderful Godly tool.
After trying to find "something" wrong about this audio, frankly, I come to a stand still. There's absolutely nothing I don't like!

Free download for KJV Bible Audiobook:
For Android………………………………… http://goo.gl/L027td
For iphone……………………………………. http://goo.gl/fQ4s9j
For blackberry……………………………… http://goo.gl/68OQil
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