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Mosquito repellent app

After using this special Mosquito repellent app, I found myself in love with it, hopefully after you read this review you will be moved to install it on your compatible operating system.

Mosquito Repellent is a Tools app developed by abcportal; It was released on Sep 9, 2012 for Android 2.1 and up. Mosquito Repellent APK 1.1 available to download now, there are over 50000 users has already installed Mosquito Repellent APK on their android device.

Download free Mosquito Repellent.apk for Android, and you can also learn the description of Mosquito Repellent from Google Play. The app play sounds that the insects dislike.
Or at least should dislike.
Those are natural mosquito predator’s sounds. Dragonfly, frog, bat, scary 18 kHz and 22 kHz.

Some versions of Mosquito Repellent app brings the most user-friendly and beautiful app to repel mosquitos. Getting  rid of mosquitos to enjoy the peace of mind the app will give you.
It allows you to choose from 5 different sound frequencies to scare away mosquitos.

Features include:
★ Turn off your device and it will continue to repel mosquitoes while saving your precious battery life;
★ Choose from 5 different sound frequencies
★ Also choose a combination of frequencies when in doubt of which one to use.
Mosquito repellent that Works well on OS 4.3 or greater of Iphone
This application was designed for the purpose of helping with the problem of Mosquitos. This app emits a low frequency tone, that in most cases cannot be heard by humans. There is an added feature where you can run the app  at an even lower frequency to avoid annoyance (although the results are better at the higher frequency, it is still effective at the lower frequency).

- Peace of Mind, which you will not have to worry about those pesky Mosquitos
- Not having to spray yourself with the smelly stinky conventional Mosquito Repellents
- Just run the Mosquito Repellent and you won’t be bothered by those Mosquitos any more.

When you have visited a place or have gone for a holiday like Kariba, Inyanga, etc., unwanted visitors can ruin the happy atmosphere.
These unwanted guests cannot be that annoying cousin who seems to have come on every family outing since you were three.
Mosquitoes can prove a major irritation in more ways than one, spreading disease and just getting in the way of a good time.
Tablets and creams are available and travelers will still see these methods as a good investment to help fight against the pest, but this app offers a complementary – rather than alternative – way to get rid of the bugs too.

With a very simple interface, users can choose from one of five different frequencies designed to have mosquitoes heading for the hills and away to bother someone else.

It’s an innovative app that tries to get rid of unwanted mosquito attention in a new way, although some will still want to pack their anti-bug spray just in case their battery runs out.

Price: Free

Developer: AppsCode
Free downloads for Mosquito Repellent  app
For Android…………………………………….. http://goo.gl/riIkpF
For iPhone…………………………………….. http://goo.gl/3AqhDu
For windows phone………………………… http://goo.gl/XHoong
For nokia Symbian………………………….. http://goo.gl/sFkeI9
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