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in Email Administration by Guru (26k points)
The address is just too long and I want to shorten it. Is that possible? If possible, how do I go about?

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3 Answers

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Yes and no!

Here is what I would do assuming your current email address is joe.now.has.email@gmail.com
1. Open a new gmail account with the name that you would like to use e.g. joe@gmail.com
2. Enable POP retrieval on joe.now.has.email@gmail.com
3. Enable POP fetching on joe@gmail.com and enter the settings to retrieve all your old emails.
4. Enable send as feature on joe@gmail.com to allow you to send email as joe.now.has.email@gmail.com
5. Enable forwarding for messages received from joe.now.has.email@gmail.com to joe@gmail.com
6. Export all your contacts from joe.now.has.email@gmail.com to joe@gmail.com

This should allow you to have a copy for all your old mail in your new inbox.  Have access to your contacts and send email as both.  

over the next few months slowly phase out your old email address until all your contacts have your new email address.
Great Answer. You're a smart one!
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i dont think possible.. You could just create another gmail account  then configure your old long addres to foward all mail to the new short address..
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Its not possible, your email address is like your mobile phone number, if you change it, people wont be able to reach you on your old number.
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