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Soon Telecel will be going live with TeleCash. We have seen how Telecel has fared throughout the year but the nice thing about them is that they always topped it up or were just slightly behind their competitors, Econet. It is widely recognised as the network of choice by many especially with it full load of promotions and wonderful deals.

They were voted as the operators with the best customer service - evident even on their Social Media pages.

As they gain momentum, will they be able to beat the current leaders in the communications game, Econet?

Will their mobile money banking services beat that of their counterparts?

Share your thoughts with me this day.

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With the current apologies constantly made by Ecocash to its customers due to some network challenges, Telecash might take a lead if it descends with the improved networking.

The network challenges that Ecocash faces time and again renders it unreliable and that could be  the factor which will make opt for Telecash if it comes with the improved services.
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