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a lot of people download their apps from one of the 2 play stores Google playstore and Itunes playstore, do those play stores contain the same applications to download for mobile phones.is there any difference between the two besides the name and website structure.
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Ain't never heard of itunes play store.

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Google Playstore is for any mobile phone that runs the popular Android operating System. As long as your phone runs the OS and you have a Gmail account you can purchase and download from the store.
Itunes caters for any smartphone that run the amazing IOS mobile operating system. Its only for Apple products.
The content of these 2 is the same cause apps have been designed to support different Operating systems ie Android, IOS. There is also appworld for Blackberry, Ovi Store for SYmbian and WIndows store for WIndows Operating system.
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There is no big difference, it is only that I-Tunes is run by Apple Inc. California and Google play store I run by Google Inc. I for instance was able to download Temple Run 2 from the I-Tunes playstore onto my I-Pad 4 tablet and I was also able to download the same game from the Google play store onto my Android phone. All this was done for free.
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