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This is the biNu powered app that enables people  to read thousands of books (many of tm for free) in a variety of language.
It works on almost any screen size on virtually any device running Java, Android etc. Almost any java phone manufactured after 2002 will run biNu.
It features dozens of short stories – quick reads folks can devour whilst on the bus. Folks can enjoy steamy love stories from Nigeria, exciting adventure capers from South Africa as well as short folktales and fables from all over Africa and Asia.

It also features pertinent and potentially life-saving information on HIV/AIDS, malaria and other important health issues. It is forging partnerships with international health organizations to continue to bring valuable health information to our readers.

The Worldreader – biNu partnership is what makes Worldreader Mobile possible.

• It can display books in any language in the world.
• Features a built in dictionary as well as a ‘translate’ tool, so that readers can translate any book, page by page.
• Worldreader Mobile is fast and uses minimal data – biNu’s patented technology is 10x faster than standard mobile browsers and uses 10x less data bandwidth.
• Many of the books are for free.

• Some books are not for free, you have to buy biNu credits and use them to read some other books.

To download and access the app from your android or java mobile phone, click the button below or use your phone to navigate to: m.binu.com
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