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Hi. I'm looking for an experienced web design firm that will hopefully build my new site. I can't go into details here but its a pretty complex project.

So if you know of any designers please point me to their website. I'm definitely not looking for some joomla junkie as this project requires a custom cms etc.

Hope I get some great results as I do have the option of going with international designers but since this is a service that will be tailored to the local market I thought it be best that I get it made locally.


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Slightly late to answer but good for others looking...

Check us out @ http://www.byers-design.com
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I work for C2 Media, a web design & development company with offices in Harare & in Melbourne Australia. We specialise in handcrafted, custom digital solutions for our clients' needs. Please have a look at some examples of our work at http://www.c2.co.zw and email hello@c2.co.zw with your contact details if you like our work, and we can meet to discuss the project requirements further.
Nikki Kershaw
Now this is what I look for in a company...always vigilante and ready to showcase their services even on a Sunday..lol. I sent you an email with the details.

I just have to comment on how your site is really nice, clean and simple. Hope other companies are taking notes from you and I really hope you'll be able to facilitate my project as I checked out your past works and they're pretty impressive.
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Also try Webdev (www.webdevworld.com) they got some impressive sites they have created for others. Their also the creators of www.classifieds.co.zw
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We specialize in custom website design and functional website development while providing companies with a website marketing and website maintenance strategy for any level of operation, growth or direction.

We have been creating stunning custom web designs, functional web development applications and effective web marketing campaigns in Columbus Ohio since 1996. We can provide references upon request and client list and work examples can be found on our website - http://www.forwardfunction.com.
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As you mentioned it is a complex web development project, so you really need to select the web designing company which have the enough reputation from the past. Rather than relying on new company, it is best choose one company with some previous experience. You can look into the company profile of this company - http://www.webdesign.org/
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you can get quality web designing service from http://www.thewebpole.com/design/web-design.aspx?ci=12408&prog_id=456994 where professionals are engaged in creating eye catchy sites...
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Allerin has expertise in outsourcing of Ruby on Rails application development services. Allerin uses Ruby on Rails technology to develop applications. Allerin bring you high performing, secure, easy-to-use solutions.  For more information visit http://www.allerin.com/
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If you are looking for website design firm, then see the Umpaweb. It is a good website development company and creates impressive custom websites with a less price. They are expert in a custom website designing. Look at this http://www.umpaweb.com/custom-website-development/
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ZimNinja provides Website design using Wordpress and also SEO. Can learn more


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