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i am using opera mini version 1, how do i upgrade it on my Nokia C3. Do i need a laptop to download it,or my phone can do that.

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It's easy, you need your mobile phone only.
Locate the app you want to upgrade in your phone. For most phone it's in Games folder or Collection folder. Scroll down to the app:
*Go to options (use the left soft key)
*Choose "Update Version" now take a sip of your favourite drink and let the phone to it's thing.
*If a new version is available you'll be asked to upgrade to the newer version. Somethin like this will appear on your screen "Replace Opera Mini 4.4 with 4.5?"  if you chose to replace you'll again be asked to keep or delete user data. User data include your bookmarks, history, saved pages folder and settings. It's always wise to keep user data.
If the source of the application differs from the original you'll be asked to continue. Click continue and take another sip of that drink again and let the phone download the latest version.

#If there isn't a new version, you'll get the something like this " Opera 4.5 already installed. Replace?"

Keep in mind that if a new version of Opera is available for download, Opera will notify you while browsing the net. If you don't see any notification it means you're using an up to date version.
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