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I have been using the Econet and Telecel lines on different handsets. I, then, downloaded the opera mini browser on both phones. After some time I had seen that the browser has changed on all phones giving the customised appearance, each attributing to its network provider.

Each time I visit Facebook through opera mini it gives me a longer way now by first directing me to some network info then to my account.

My question is, is it possible for me to undo that?

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I'm assuming you are using the Speed Dial shortcut? If you are, you can delete the network facebook shortcut easily (unfortunately, you can't do anything about the network stuff in the 'Home' tab).
- Open up Opera Mini and make sure you are in the Speed Dial tab.
- Scroll to the Facebook shortcut. Press and hold it for about 2 seconds.
- When you release the button, you will see new 'X' buttons in the corners of each shortcut. This is the delete button.
- Press the delete button to remove any shortcuts you don't want and when you are finished, press the 'Done' button at the bottom of your screen.

Now to add a new Facebook shortcut.
- While still in Speed dial, scroll down to the bottom, you should see an empty box with a '+' in it. Press this button.
- The Add to Speed Dial menu should appear. In the empty address field enter: https://m.facebook.com
- When you press 'done', Opera Mini will take a few moments to load a thumbnail image for your new shortcut and you'll be good to go!

Little bonus
You will notice your new speed dial button is at the bottom, not very convenient if you use Facebook a lot. Don't fret coz moving your shortcut is even easier than adding it!  
- Whilst the Speed Dial tab is open, press and hold your Facebook button as you did before. When you release it you will see the 'X' buttons again.
- Making sure not to press the 'X', press and hold your Facebook shortcut, and without lifting your finger, drag the shortcut to the position you want it (the other shortcuts will move out of the way).
- Release the shortcut and it will stay in place. You can shuffle the rest of the shortcuts the same way before pressing the 'Done' button.

Note, I did this on version 7.5.3, so i'm not sure how far back this technique will work.
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