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Thank You. This s likely to help a lot of fellows.
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My hope is that one day the likes of Econet and Telecel and Net one will pick this up and start doing it for their branded phones.  Because the app sits on the room and is literally added to the boot image, no matter how many times i flashed my two test phones.. every time i changed the sim or used the track i was able to find the phone.  What impressed me was the GPS which is persistent and will not stop till lock acquisition.  What is sad is why google does not bake this into their rom's?

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In my quest to protect my android phone I have finally struck Gold!  Avast is offering a stolen phone tracker that will let you track your phone even if a hard reset is performed.  The only catch is you need to be tech savvy enough to root your phone.  After you have rooted it your phone is protected.

oh one other catch is the person who stole your phone will need t use it with data turned on... I am not getting paid for refferalls or anything like that but after getting one too many phones knicked in the past i loved this solution.
Official details

No need to think “How can I find my phone?” – its cell phone locator features find and control it remotely.
■ Locate/Track your ‘lost’ phone on a map through our web-based mobile phone tracking feature (uses GPS tracker and other triangulation methods).
■ Control your cell phone remotely via a web-based interface or SMS if the phone is stolen (to do this, go to: http://my.avast.com).
■ Remotely lock and/or wipe the phone memory, to keep your data safe.
■ Remotely take photos or listen to audio of the phone’s surroundings.
■ Set up a SIM-card-change notification to another device.
■ Stealth Mode automatically hides the app on your phone whenever Anti-Theft is activated, so that a thief is not even aware of its presence.
You can trigger remote features via SMS command from a friend’s phone or via our web interface at http://my.avast.com
■ Remotely lock device.
■ Activate a customizable siren.
■ Wipe memory to keep your private data safe.
■ Custom locked-screen text (e.g. show rewards for its return).
■ Send an on-display message to the phone.
■ Have the phone call you elsewhere to listen to surroundings (with blacked-out screen, so invisible to thieves).
■ Have calls and messages forwarded to a different phone.
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