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which Internet Service Provider fibre speeds are you talking about, for your house , school, for techzim answers or what or for Zimbabwe because they are plenty

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Zimbabwe’s (Internet Service Provider’s) ISP’s upload speeds are the fastest in Southern Africa and the third position in Africa, while our download speeds come second in Southern Africa and seventh in Africa, and take 98th position in the world.
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what speeds are they going for to be rated
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it depends on your provider and your package

i have a 20mbps package from zol and i generally get up to 5mbps download consistently (for international traffic) upload varies from anything from 5mbps to 20mbps

Current Speed test to local server: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3199017233
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has it ever reached 20mbps and how much are you paying. Which ISP is that
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The speed you get from your ISP depends on how deep your pocket is.

you can get anything from 64Kbps all the way to 155Mbps.
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so if i pay for say 1mbps i get that or its something else
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if you purchase 1Mbps CIR you will get 1Mbps.  If you purchase an UPTO 1Mbps you may get 1Mbps but are not always going to get 1Mbps.
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it will be directed as a vitual . Does telone offer that and at what price
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Yes Telone does


Bandwidth (kB/s)     1 year contract     2 year contract     3 year contract
Monthly Rental Fixed Cost     Setup cost     Monthly Rental Fixed Cost     Setup cost     Monthly Rental Fixed Cost     Setup cost
64     59.58     5.96     50.34     5.03     46.16     4.62
128     119.16     11.92     100.69     10.07     92.32     9.23
256     238.32     23.83     201.38     20.14     184.64     18.46
512     476.64     47.66     402.75     40.28     369.28     39.93
1024(1M)     953.28     95.33     805.50     80.55     738.56     73.86
2048(2M)     1,906.55     190.66     1,611.01     161.10     1,477.12     147.71
The access monthly cost per leased internet port is $30.
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what about speed shaping on business hours
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The above pricing is not shaped what you pay for is what you get.  So if you get a 1Mbps link it will always run at 1Mbps.  Thats the nice thing about dedicated internet vs shared.
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the problem with our ISP is that they advertise dreams instead of realities
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