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where is the best place to buy .co.zw domains without having to buy domain hosting at the same time?

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I would just register straight with Zispa.  Its the cheapest and you get to control your mx records, c name and a name records.

www.zispa.co.zw has the contact details.
you will need a company letterhead with a letter saying you want to buy the domain www.yourdomain.co.zw  you will also need $10.
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I see the Zispa registering process has been marked as the best, I am a web developer myself, and would not bother with ZISPA, coz the process is rather tedious, I have used, and will continue to use <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.name.co.zw" target="_blank">http://www.name.co.zw</a> for me its the best service out there, try it, for as little as the same ZISPA $10, with crazy promotions at times

DISCLAIMER: I know not even a single person at name.co.zw, but I love their service, and the fact that I can pay usinf our local mobile money facilities makes it morre convenient
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does it have cpanel hosting???
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Try and get quotes from http://www.itech.co.zw

URL does not work?
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Registering as an ISP with ZISPA

Dear Sirs

Thank you for your enquiry.

You will need to submit a copy of your company‚Äôs Articles and Memorandum of Association and documentary proof of your dedicated 24x7 link to an upstream provider licenced as an Internet Access Provider by POTRAZ plus details of at least two local name servers live on the Internet that you will use for your domain name hosting.  You will also need to provide a physical address, utility bill and Zimbabwe National ID.  We would need your application to be on letterhead giving details of directors and residences.

The application is then submitted to the ZISPA Board for approval at their next meeting.  Membership of the ZISPA Board is by nomination and vote at an annual general meeting of all ZISPA members.

Once your application is approved you will need to pay a once off joining fee of US$100 and then US$30 per month thereafter as membership fees.  Domain name registrations will cost $5 per registration or modification.

Please deliver the above documents to our temporary offices at Level 5, Pegasus House, 52-54 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare.


Yours faithfully

ZISPA Accounts Dept
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Looks like a scam.
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Those are the requirements to become a ZISPA member so you can start registering domains on behalf of clients.
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But why is the address they are giving different from the one you get from zispa website. Have you physically confirmed this and cross check with zispa?
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+1 to macdonald's comments - i would double check such information, it is more than likely however they have moved premises and not updated there contact details which wouldnt be unusual considering how out of date some of the pages are!
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The physical address is the Utande address, and if I remember well they handle some of the filing/finance stuff for ZISPA. The address on the ZISPA website is actually outdated.
Yes, Utande should now have the admin duty... it is rotational, if I am not mistaken
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Webdev sells them for $20 a year, and processes them quickly.
Call webdev on 702 906 or 0772 572 583

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You can buy cheap domain name from http://www.9cubehosting.com/cheap_domains .Its not necessary that you have to get hosting
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we use <a title="Professional Web Design" rel="dofollow" href="http://www.akoiweb.co.zw" target="_blank">Web Design Zimbabwe</a>

Visit them and give them a try. Are you in ZImbabwe ?
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