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Its only avialble for Android Chrome for Android, just open up
the settings panel by clicking on
the Menu soft key (three dots
button on some devices like HTC
One X), ICS Android 4.0 and above and select the option New
Incognito Tab. Using Dolphin HD Browser For
Private Browsing on Android

Dolphin Browser HD is one of the
most promising browsers for
and works on all the devices
running on Android version 2.1
or above. Though there is no
dedicated feature for going
completely off the records like
we had in Chrome, with this
workaround you can force the
browser to stop recording the
pages visited in a session on the
browser history.
Once you have installed the app
and finished with the initial
setup wizard, press the Menu
button—>More—>Settings on
the home screen. Here navigate
to the Private and Security tab
and select and de-select the
options to make browsing
To make it at par with the Google
Incognito mode just toggle the
checked options to unchecked
and vice versa. The only down
side is, there is no shortcut to
bring the private browsing
option and each time you wish
to switch in between regular and
private session you will have to
toggle these options manually.
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