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I am using a Gtel A707 Infinite phone and i have just installed "whatsapp 2 lines" successfully but i am told "This app requires ROOT access."

What does this mean and how do i go about it?

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“root access” is the privileged control attained by the Android mobile operating system devices users.

Rooting is the process by which users regain administrative access to their phones. Even though Android is an opensource operating system, they still don’t have full “root access” to do what they please on their phone.

Back when the iPhone launched in 2007, the hardcore techies quickly realized the true potential of the device and the cruel software limitations that Apple had sealed it with. What became ‘jailbreaking’ on the iPhone was quickly translated to other platforms as well, and when the world saw the first Android back in 2008, the term “rooting” was born.

How to root your phone

In some cases, you will have to download an application from the Internet (such as most popular rooting apps like SuperOneClick, Z4Root and Universal AndRoot. Such rooting tools are easy to use. At other times, you will need to go the manual way by using either Fastboot or Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This latter case often requires you to type commands at a terminal or command prompt.

Rooting an Android device varies from device to device. So, in almost all cases, a rooting solution for a particular device will not work on another device. Also, a particular device can have several different rooting solutions. That is why it is crucial to always double-check that the rooting guide you are following is intended for your specific device.
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