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Have you heard if this can be done in Zimbabwe? http://bit.ly/19DwiJi

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no its not really possible

DSTV links are one way (downlink) theres no way to make requests for data without an uplink
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Siyanda, if memory serves, is a one-way satellite service provided by MWeb. The service works together with a dial-up or ISDN line. The land-line is used to transmit outgoing data, while the satellite receives incoming data. In the majority of cases you send a lot less data than you receive, so transmitting at modem speeds is not a big problem, while receiving at satellite speeds is a very significant and noticable improvement. If I remember correctly in the early days Siyanda was burstable up to 1Mb/s.

I'm not sure whether Siyanda is still in operation, but I've heard of at least one or two companies who provide the same service to this day.
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thats a copy and paste from a forum reply here from 2004 - http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/13215-Siyanda

no it no longer exists - and would be pointless when wimax on its own can do 3mbps and fibre hits 20mbps depending on your budget
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Yes it was a copy and paste.  I should have cited the source.
Thank you very much. This is very helpful. Have a great day.
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