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which are the steps that i take to see the number of people  who are connected to my adsl telone line.i gave my friends  a  password so i need to see how many of them are connected

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you can login to your wireless router.  The address is typically  check the DHCP client table from there to see how many devices have active leases.
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hey what about user name and password?
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check the bottom of http://www.telone.co.zw/products/adsl

It has instructions with the default login in passwords depending on your model.  Do not change things unless you know what you are doing or you might drop your connection!
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worth noting that this is the number of people that have been connected in the last (usually 24 hours but could be longer) its not accurate to the number of users connected at that moment in time - you would normally need a more higher end wireless router that can tell you number of devices actually connected (i'm not sure if the telone wireless routers have that functionality)
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How do I see the number of people , connected to my adsl
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