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What kind of website do you want to host?

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4 Answers

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you are going to get a different answer from everyone here...

the straight answer is that it depends on your requirements and what you deem as reliable

also - theres pretty much no such thing as free hosting anymore
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Try Slight Edge $5 per month for
1000Mb web space
10 email account
2 FTP accounts
2 Mysql databases and many more

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slight edge is the best website design company
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If you are looking for free then i suggest http://www.000webhost.com/

Be sure you understand the terms and conditions on how to keep your free site active.  In terms of reliability it depends on what kind of reliability you want.

In the past and now I have used the following

and finally settled for my personal favourite
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Now a days lot of companies are offering variety of web hosting plans. But i would suggest this site http://www.9cubehosting.com/cheap_hosting/ . It is the one of the reliable web hosting company. Here you can get the web hosting plan at cheap rate. They are providing  good customer support and quality service based on linux os platform. Basic web hosting plan starts from $2.63
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