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So I looked around for a working example and found that Pay4App are faring well with their recharge vouchers, a very low end low cost service which managed regardless to fund their operations until the launch of their wider API according to Techzim. If these guys could make Bank with airtime ( airtime!) then what are these guys selling awesome stuff getting wrong? Bring a dumb brother up to speed here. Thanks

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Lol thanks for the pinch of exaggeration. I think most startups believe people buy on their computer for the sake of buying on their computer but what they need to do I guess is to give a person the reason to opt buying over the internet than how they were used to. With recharges it was quite simple for us really, the vendors are far from home and do not work around the clock unlike the web which is always on. Then there's other challenges that I wrote about some time back that eCommerce startups have to deal with - http://www.saharahacker.com/post/66771174482/how-will-ecommerce-work-in-africa
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