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You will only find similar questions on street in town not the actual paper.
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You can also download Provisional Licence software that has the theory questions as well as the signs and signals. The link for the download: http://www.testlabs.co.za/testlabs
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Download the Road Rules App, Zimbabwe Provisional Driver's License Test Questions, Answers & Explanations App from Google Play Store by clicking this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.neolab.roadrules&hl=en.

Pass your provisional driver's license test the first time using Zimbabwe's VID provisional driver's licence test App and save money!

Install the Road Rules App if are TIRED of failing the Zimbabwe VID provisional driver's license test. The Road Rules App contains the VID theory test questions, car diagram practice tests, road traffic signs, car diagrams explanations, highway code notes, theory questions and detailed revision explanations.

SADC signs and rules from the updated or upgraded Zimbabwean highway code will be added once the VID starts including them in the provisional licence test. Testing of the new SADC may start in December of 2017.

The Road Rules provisional driving license theory and practice test app section contains Zimbabwe's VID Provisional Driver's Licence Test Practice Questions, Provisional Test Questions, Car Diagrams, Road Junctions Diagrams, Provisional Theory Questions and Provisional Theory Notes.

Learn the Highway Code and how to drive by studying Zimbabwe's road rules, road traffic signs, road traffic regulations using this Road Rules App. Practice car diagram test questions on your mobile phone & save money by passing your Zimbabwe VID provisional driver's license test the first time.

The Road Rules Driving Test App "NOTES" section provides highway code rules and road rules test notes that cover the provisional or learner’s license test curriculum.

The "TEST" section provides a fixed eight (8) minute countdown timer period of answering the test questions specifically designed assist the user on time management and to get them acquainted to time constraints so as to avoid panicking in the actual exam.

The "PRACTICE" section gives the user immediate feedback after completion of every question, thus allowing the user to learn and retain information quickly and more efficiently.

The "PROGRESS" section tracks and monitors the user’s progress over a period of seven (7) days. This is to assist the user in deciding on whether they are now ready to go sit for the official government driver's license test. It ensures that the Road Rules Driving Test App users are advised of their test readiness. This saves them money by reducing the high risk of failure inherent in the Zimbabwe VID provisional driving license test.

STOP failing your Zimbabwe Vehicle Inspectorate Department's Provisional Driver's License Test by using the Road Rules App.

Study on your mobile phone, privately and conveniently.

500+ Real Driving Test Questions

500+ unique and relevant questions across the Provisional Driver’s License curriculum.

Real Mock Tests

Plenty of practice tests / exercises designed to prepare you for the official VID Provisional Driver's License Test.

Identify Weaknesses

Focus your studies to pass the Provisional Driver’s License Test!

Driving Test Categories

3 Main Categories are Giving Way, General Road Rules and Road Signs.

Share With Friends

Share your driving skills progress and test results with friends and family for their input and support.

Practice On The GO!

Optimised to work on various Mobile Devices – Smart, Easy, Always with You, Study Anywhere!
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