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I deleted all my photos accidentally and i need to revocer them. im failing to load my phone as a USB mass storage so that i ca use the avaiable photo recovery software.

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Well ,bro ! Take it easy, First of all, do you have google account or other cloud services account, or other backup apps? you can reocver data from google account and the Dropbox account can save your photos in its server, so you can recover photos from them. Secondly ,you have installed KIES of the Samsung phone to your computer, right? Thus ,you can check the KIES, maybe you can find some backup from the application, which will make a backup for your phone when you connect the phone to the computer. Lastly, if you do not have any backup, you can recover photos by some recovery software, such Recuva, which just can recover 60% data.Anyway you can try to use other one is better, know more here: http://www.card-data-recovery.com/phone/samsung-galaxy-s4-data-recovery.html
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Try looking in the playstore for the apps dumpster and other similar apps. They sometimes work and sometimes dont. But since dumpster worked for my friend i guess it will for you. Meanwhile dont save anything else on your sd otherwise the photos may be overwritten and that means lost forever.
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Hey, you can try to use this software. I ever used it to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy phone: http://www.slideshare.net/siuponing/tutorial-for-samsung-galaxy-photos-recovery
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Firstly install the correct drivers for the S4 so Windows recognises your phone & you can access it as a memory card. Just google it download from Samsung. Make sure you get the correct drivers for your comp 32/64 bit.
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Recently I accidently deleted all my photos when trying to get rid of a Low on Space warning on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. At that time, I instantly asked for help by searching “how to recover deleted photos on Galaxy Note 5” in Androidpit.com. Then I found many people suffer the same problem, such as “how to recover deleted contacts from note 5″, “how can I get back lost messages on note 4”, etc.
Luckily, I got the answers-Android Data Recovery Mac, a good tool to recover deleted photos, pictures, whatsapp chat, contacts and more from Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus and more Android devices.

As internal memory doesn’t mount as a drive like external memory does, and common data recovery tools cannot scan Android’s internal memory for deleted or lost files and retrieve them back like external SD card. Don’t worry. Just use Android Recovery Mac, which not only can recover deleted data from external SD card, but also recover deleted data from Android phone internal memory on Mac.
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You can use this Android Data Recovery Mac tool to recover formatted, deleted files from internal memory of your device. It supports almost every android device.

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Android data recovery apps can be used for all Android users to recover lost data. Not noly photos, but also sms, contacts, music, videos, books and more.
Works well on Samsung S7/6/5/4
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Samsung Data Recovery is coming to save your lost data. This andorid Data Recovery software works even to restore files including Photos, Videos, Music, Contacts, SMS, Calendar, Notes, etc. The program supports restore phone lost data with 3 simple clicks.
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You can still recover from android phone on computer before the deleted data overwritten by new data, an android data recovery could recover lost data from android phone without any backup file, try Coolmuster Android Data Recovery, it could recover lost text messages, contacts, photos, etc.
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How to recover deleted data from Samsung after you accidently clicking the deleted button, how to restore lost files from Samsung such as pictures, video, audios, documents,etc.Don't worry. Here we suggest you to use Coolmuster Samsung Data Recovery, it can help you restore lost files from Android with ease.
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