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Hi. I have an iPhone 3GS which i had on an older version of of iOS 4.3.3 i recall. I had to jailbreak this iOS and so had to change the BB to 6.15.00!
Now i have updated my iPhone to iOS 5 and it seems that i have got stuck.
I am stuck at the beginning of setting up the iOS. You remember that iOS 5 starts by letting you choose your language than country after that enable the location services and after choose a wifi network to activate you iPhone. It than says that the simcard inserted is not supported both on iTunes and activating via wifi. I think this is a BB problem. The phone is Sim Free so it is not locked but now somehow seems to have locked. Can you please help me figure out this problem I'm going crazy about this!!

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Firstly is your 3GS factory unlocked? I guess your answer is no judging by the ipad baseband 06.15.00. Also the update you used is it iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1? I recommend you use 5.0.1 incase you hadn't saved iOS 5 blobs, this is important for you to unlock!!!

You may also call me or email me on mschoto@gmail.com; we can organise on how to proceed. But rest assured as long as you are on 06.15.00 your phone is perpetually unlocked! You jus need the right software and tools to do it.
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After go through your problem i am clearly came to know that you have unlocked your Iphone 3GS .you have updated your phone so it gets locked. So it is not a permanent unlock solution . Try to unlock it permanently using remote unlocking service. Get the service from the site http://www.classicunlocking.com/apple-iphone-3gs/rs17wp9/ ,and unlock it using unlocking instructions which is given in the site itself. This is the permanent unlocking method, after unlocking it even though you have updated your mobile from older version to newer version it wont gets locked again.
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We iPhone users often forgot iPhone password and get iPhone disabled for hours! I got this article on what to do if forgot iPhone password:  http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com/iphone/forgot-iphone-passcode.html
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Baseband 6.15.00 is for Ipad... Try using SNoowbreeze!!!!!!!!
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Hope this guide helps you unlock your iPhone.
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