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i bought a Samsung Galaxy  S3 mini from South Africa, boxed and sealed. It has been working perfectly with no problems on my computer. Whether it be copying with the USB cable or with Bluetooth.

However,a little earlier today, when I tried to copy files using the USB cable that came with the phone, it copied without hitches, but when I disconnected the cable, my computer just slowed down for a period of time and my mouse was dragging. Also, an audio error occurred as I was playing music, the music stopped and then resumed.

The first time I had to used task manager to rectify the issue. Second and third times I just waited and everything went back  to normal.
I am running Windows 7 64bit.

What could be the problem? How do I fix it, cause now I can't use my cable anymore because of this...

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You can check what is exactly happening performance wise, if there have been a drop in performance or an application or hardware  causing the problem.

To do so, use the Reliability Monitor tool:

Here is a link from MS

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So my phone is causing Explorer to be slow? But why is this happening now all of a sudden and not before, is my question
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Tell us what you are seeing. It can be a corrupt driver caused by the way you have been detaching the phone from yo pc.

PCs and OS are not made to last forever at highest perfomance!
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