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I have a Nokia Lumia 820 and whatsapp has recently stopped working consistently.  It goes "off  line" for hours then on line for a few minutes then off line again for a couple hours, except when I am connected to WiFi then it is "on line" consistently.  Is it the network (I am with Telecel) or is it the phone I have had the phone for 3 months but only in the last 2 weeks has the problem occurred.  All software is up to date.

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Been also experiencing it and so has my GF, but to a lesser extent that what you seem to be suffering - the common denominator being TELECEL. Usually restarting the phone fixes it, but it last happened on Sunday, so hopefully they've solved it now.
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thanks for that nice to know I'm not the only one I did make enquiries at Telecel but they had no idea what could be causing I'm still have problems even today.  Hopefully it will come right.
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