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asked in Mobile by Regular (3.1k points)
Like many of you here e.g http://answers.techzim.co.zw/5571/how-come-i-cant-see-the-comments-for-articles-on-techzim I've noticed how you cannot comment or see comments on most websites if you're using a browser that doesn't support (usually async) javascript such as Opera Mini.

Do publishers know this? Is this a problem? Or it balances itself out as a way to reduce noise in the comments section.

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1 Answer

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answered by Regular (4.4k points)
This question has been asked countless times since lord knows when, maybe if one is a mobile browser they should just go hang.
commented by Regular (3.1k points)
So's that a yes or a no (it being an issue)? You mean if someone uses Opera Mini they should go hang?
commented by Regular (4.4k points)
probably tht what it means, due to their non response
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