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Just wondering how far will ZISPA go in protecting the privacy of a domain name owner, say is the CIO or some other state goons are looking for ownership info? Like is there some law that can force them to release details of the owner if there is reasonable grounds too? There is a site i wanna start that could get me i troublehere and there with state agents, i could have gone for private domainname reg with godaddy, but i need a co.zw
if u r serious about yo privacy 1 use a vpn before u buy your domain and for more extra security use tor on top of your vpn . 2 , buy yo domain from those who accepts bitcoin as payment. 3 Open an anonymous email for your domain registration. For domain regstr, only goDaddy is suitable for your needs and as for anonymous email and vpn i recommend torguard vpn , dont 4get to  use bitcoins as payment. Respect and love is very important in life , i warn you!, if its about politics stay away from it!

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Safe to assume it's as far as them being asked by the police to disclose. As well, probably, in a dispute when another party claims they have more right to a name than the current registrant.

if this could get you into trouble, we'd advise not to go for a .co.zw. We're sure even GoDaddy will hand over your details if faced by a warrant/court order.
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i run a newsblog,we write a bit of sensitive stuff at times so, you know there is the fear of state goons checking you out some other day you know,just fear, one has to be cautious all the way.

So basically you are saying if state agents ask for the info they are give in a jiffy
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Any web host would provide your details if they are approached with a court order. Other than that no common person can see your information through whois search if your domain name has been registered with privacy protection. So, you can choose any registrar who sells ".co.zw" domain name and procced registering with privacy protection. You can check the privacy protection by visiting any whois lookup site like http://www.whoisxy.com/ and have a whois search on your domain name. Good luck.
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As for the .co.zw domains the Whois details can only be obtained by emailing ZISPA, therefore anyone can get your Whois details by merely emailing ZISPA. This implies that the only way a person can obtain the Whois details is through ZISPA and no other service offers that online and also there is no Privacy protection offered on .co.zw domain names. Also note even the international domains do not offer Privacy Protection by default, you would need to purchase privacy protection for a fee.
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