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Good day.

I have a building which i rent out to several tenants. I do not want them getting their own different internet connections, because I want to avoid the mess of having different poles antenna's etc being stuck on my building. I want to bring in my own fibre connection and from my point of termination allocate bandwidth to the different floors. Does anybody have or can suggest a company or solution for me.

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i recommend using Zentyal community edition http://www.zentyal.org/...Once your needs are covered you can always get a subscription for it.

With Zentyal, You can install, manage & configure various options that includes bandwidth throttling,traffic shaping,monitoring, filtering and so much more...
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I would strongly recommend using Zentayl too.
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First get a server room. Then you can put your main server for the connection. Preferable you can then create a wireless access point just like what most internet cafe's use. Try Powertel they offer that kind of service,
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You have 2 options...
1) Your fiber router connected to a wireless router that would cover the entire building. I would recommend a bullet or nanostation for this as they can be used outdoors(waterproof) and have the best range of most of the available products on the market. The initial setup for this is simple but admin/accounting would become a tedious job as every single machine to join the network would need to be added manually.

2)Your fiber router connected to a 24 port Switch, and network cables run directly into each *********. Initial setup would be more difficult, but this would eliminate most of the admin needed in the future. Bandwidth would only need to be allocated to a port on the switch.

In both cases bandwidth allocation would be done by a dedicated server. There are many programs/distros available, but I would recommend pfSense for this.
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