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in Computer Hardware by new here (980 points)
I have an issue with my dell vostro 3560, 64 bit system running ubuntu 14.04  alongside windws 8.1.
My fan speed is automatically reulated when running windows, but things get ugly when running linux, the thing just races uncontrollably, even when the system is obviously cool. is there any way i can fix this

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It seems to be a common issue with Dells, try looking up I8kctl or i8kfan. I'm not an Ubuntu muntu but it seems to be able to access the laptop's sensors and control the fan dynamically or manually.  Here is an article on it http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/controlling-dell-fan-speeds-temperature-on-ubuntu-debian-linux/. hopefully you will understand it and the forum discussions below but if not, there are plenty of Linux evangelists here to help you figure it out.

by new here (980 points)
Thanks, I managed to set it to dynamically control fan speed. it now runs at a reasonable speed, and there's a notable improvement in battery life
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