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What is yiour experience running WhatsApp as a business platform. Either as a wway for customers to get in touch with you and maybe for you to respond with answers to questions. or in a group sense such as the Techzim WhatsApp group.

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I would seek permission before messaging customers. WA messages are like text messages. I find it intrusive to be sent an unsolicited message from any business unless I registered or accepted their terms of communication.

Also, if not handled well, you may actually lose customers if the frequency of messaging is not right, ie 2 messages an hour is not ok or 5 messages a day. I suggest do a pilot with say 10 customers. get an insight into how they react to them. A market survey and see how they respond.

One thing though is lack of privacy with WA groups. Your personal number and profile is open ****** to everyone in the group. Not sure how people may react to that scenario!
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I already know the problem http://www.whatsappforpcr.com
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I found a solution here: http://www.mwhatsappforpc.com
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