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I am facing the an issue with my WhatsApp for Windows Phone. I used to have max 500 MB data being used every month by all apps on my phone, but this time it soared to 3GB. I analyzed the trend of data being used, and found that the Data usage has exponentially increased since Feb 22, 2014, after WhatsApp server went down. This makes me conclude that something has gone really bad with WhatsApp Server Fix and that is causing such a drastic increase in my WhatsApp Data Usage. After disabling the WhatsApp Background Services, the Data Usage is back to normal for last 2 days. I have already sent an email to WhatsApp support team and awaiting their response.
Anyone else has observed this on their Data Usage?

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The best way is o buy the whatsapp bundle coz if you dont you might just be hosting the whatsapp server on yo phone....lols.......Hope you o Econet bro..... 3Gbs for mobile applications...WoW!!!!!
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I dont have any issue with the problem you are facing http://www.whatsappforpcr.com
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I tried this solution with no result
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