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Getting a copy of Peachtree Quantum & Quickbooks Pro (both small business accounting software) for evaluation today. Any of you ever used any of these? Which do you think is best?

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There's also Pastel, i don't have a booking nor an accounting background but i found it simple and straight forward to understand and use.
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There are many accounting software's that are available in the market, but if you are not satisfied with any one of then, you can look for a custom application. If you want a best application, acquire the services of Allerin. They provide amazing solutions based on Ruby on Rails technology. If you want to know more about Ruby on Rails visit http://www.allerin.com/blog/
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QuickBooks can be an effective tool for the business where Vendors frequently demand for immediate or full payment. It helps you to track all the monetary transaction with their invoices and move ahead confidently. With this software you can print  checks like present at https://www.checkomatic.com/computer-checks/cheap-checks.php directly and make payment as per your convenience. It will not only boost your reputation, but helps in business growth too.
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