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tell me more about paypal, how do i open an account in zimbabwe, where

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You cannot open a Paypal account from Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is not on the PayPal permitted countries list:

Using it in Zimbabwe would be going against the PayPal terms of use:
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You can buy domain names on line from the site : http://www.thewebpole.com/register-domain/  ,where they accept the following forms of payment:
Credit Cards

    American Express
    Diners Club International
    JCB International Credit Cards

Other Forms of Payment

    Checks (personal or business)

You can choose the one which is available at Zimbabwe.
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If you want to pay for your domain - you do not have to use Paypal, you can use prepaid Credit Cards (such as those available from FBC). Never having used one myself, I would advise you to ask FBC if you can transact internationally.

If you want a .com domain, I would strongly recommend a namecheap.com - there are sketchy registrars that disappear with your domain (and money) after 30 days (the registrars only have to pay after 30days, so they can fool you with the free [to them] 30-day sampler period)
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To buy a domain name online you can do that at www.mega24.co.zw You can then pay using EFT or Credit Card or Paypal
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