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I read up about Econet Zero yesterday, and while I find the concept brilliant and have successfully accessed some of the sites advertised, I have to point out something that might have been overlooked by the guys over at Econet.

As a lot of these platforms are open source, they would most likely use file and video sharing sites to host their material. Case in point, the MIT learning platform OCW, have all their lectures uploaded to their YouTube channel and the videos embedded on the webpage. This means we have access to all material except video lectures. I am also pretty sure video tutorials for programming languages like python would also be hosted on YouTube or Dailymotion.

Maybe with mentioning to the techs at Econet and maybe get a comment from them. What are your guys views?

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****, please stop trying to act stupid. How do you expect these guys do deal with the bandwidth? besides I've got a workaround, just let these a**holes allow streaming and I'll just port any video to my computer it's like a friggin funny a$$ jackpot. so yup, go nuts
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Ahh I was waiting for someone with myopic views such as yours. Ever heard of access controls? Regular expressions? Yes this could be a tedious job, but you should really reconsider your title as a Network/Sys Admin if your work ethic is that poor..

Just to clarify, Econet can't deal with the bandwidth but your computer can? Sounds legit.

Take your trolling elsewhere!
"I was waiting for someone with topic views such as yours," lol, so you just wait here to be trolled, how's that for stupid? wait, let me guess you're just making a special effort today huh? I guess you never heard of phreaks and phishers, you have no idea what people are capable of. You can choose to stick your head in the sand cuz looks to me that's what you do best.
welcome to the internet kid
signed. Demon of the South
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Myopic.. Not topic, myopic! It amazes me how much you think you know, yet how little you actually do. Phreaks??? Seriously, are we still in the 90s? Phishers? Lmfao, rookie!

I know exactly what people are capable of.. But YOU, are capable of absolutely NOTHING!
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