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I see that these day people are sending videos as much as they please and are quite enjoying it. Well that an advantage to them but would Econet do this so as to put themselves at a disadvantage? What are they possibly benefiting from this move? Are people being ripped off when they are thinking they are winning?

When will Telecel bring the same for its followers? Are they reluctant to do this because they have calculated the losses?

Will any of these two networks bring twitter bundles?

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They are gaining bcoz u dnt access the net for free, econet is working on introducing twitter bundles.
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First loyalty, and the possibility of some customers moving to Econet because of the bundle attraction. Remember its not ALL users that will be sending videos like crazy. Many will probably not even send any attachments at all, so it probably all balances out. As for facebook, consider all the external stuff which appears in your timeline, and then when you click to open it, it takes you to another page. You pay regular dollar for that. With Econet being one of Zim's most profitable businesses, I'd imagine they are still at the advantage, just maybe not as much as they would normaly be, but there is still a percieved benefit for them. Thats the nature of MOST PROMOTIONS I guess. Even a sale at Edgars - sacrifice margin for volume.
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I like the "sacrifice margin for volume". Well with that being said i can say its understandable. But tell me, why is Telecel reluctant to do the same for its followers? Will they be considered as thieves of intellectual property?
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