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Hi there!
I have iPhone 4s, and my friend have iphone 5s.
Suppose she is blocking me on Viber.
1. I can still see when she is online and when she is offline at Viber if she have blocked me from Viber?
2. I can still call her from Viber if she have blocked me from her Viber?
3.  she gets my message?
4. she gets my calls?
5. if I see that she is online at Viber, and I send to her message on Viber and I suspect that she has blocked me from her Viber. if she read my message on Viber, I can see that she has read my message or not?
my other friends who also have iphone and samsung and when they send a message to me when I read them and they can read mine and it also appears when the person read my message.
there are friends who have samsung and iphone and I when i  send message to them and they send to me, though I can not see if they are online or offline. and I can not see if they have read my message or not though they answer me and the only thing I see is sending no more.

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