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Hello. i am looking for anyone with the following softwares neither trial nor original, i would like dreamweaver cs5, visual studio 2008/10, visual web studio, windows phone developer, joomola, drupal, php, visual c#/+, and any other utilities and web softwares. I would appreaciate software with help files no matter it is a a trial or original version. Alternatively if there is anyone who knows where I can find the fastest internet i would be happy to download these softwares from the web as mu current isp are cant successfully complete these software downloads. my email is ocybergateway@yahoo.com

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joomla, drupal...you can download through your usual internet cafe. they are really small files and it is even legal to download the full versions. answering the where part: some of the fastest places i have used includes, Fast Browse- cnr Samora and 7th, Trade Centre...
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lt will will be difficult to have someone to give you a hard copy, but if you hang around popular peer sites its easy. Also if you can have Powertel you can download whatever you want with no limitations at all
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You can download free trial versions from the official websites. The problem is the file are really large (almost a gig) in some cases so you need really fast net. And they all have a 30 day limit. After that you have to buy.
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www.dreamspark.com - this has full versions of software provided for free by microsoft.  simply register your tertiary institution and you can download, visual studion, sql developer, windows phone, windows server 2008 etc.

The catch is, the software is not to be used commercially.
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Just tried Dreamspark. pretty cool.. Had no idea MS had a heart even though miniature-sized. Verification is a b!@3h, though How did you go about it?
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These days Microsoft is probably the 'better devil' when you compare it with Apple and Google. Facebook is nowhere near as big, but it is already a devil.
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you need the famed Powertel dongle, though it does has limited areas where it works. 10th floor kopje plaza, u get one for 60us plus 50us 1st month subscription. Then you can either directly download trial versions from the respective company websites or you can use torrents or websites like www.gappon.com which searches through download websites like rapidshare, hotfile, megaupload etc. Otherwise you need access to a company network with high speed broadband access like the current uz network
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