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Hi I am pondering about creating my own company. I would like to make webpages for corporations and individuals. I am in university focusing on an internet layout diploma. I 've a couple of queries.

1. What is a snappy company title that individuals may recall
2. Will there be a marketplace for making websites?
3. What 's a fair price to bill individuals?

Thanks really significantly!

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1. A web-designer is anticipated to be tremendously innovative. It is more an arty occupation than the usual specialized one. Maybe not striving to be mean, but when you will need aid with the title, you may desire to consider yet another vocation. Or doing work for a web design business on the specialized aspect.

2. There's A MASSIVE marketplace. There's a level bigger foundation of needna be web site designers. A lot of people in Cina and Indian prepared to do a superb occupation for next-to-nothing. Therefore to get noticed in the bunch you better be great.

3. The cost for a good developer is $200/hr. You are going to need to focus on charity function ($0/hour) to establish a collection and reveal potential customers how great you might be.

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