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no whatsapp certificate on my phone

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5 Answers

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i dont think that's really possible. ive tried quite a lot of tactics and none of them worked. try youtube or google for tricks you might get lucky
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Most certificate errors are due to clock problems, i.e. your phone is showing incorrect time, the result is that the Whatsapp server will present a certificate, which from your phone's pespective, was issued in the future (which is impossible) and therefore it throws up an error and terminates the connection.

I do not have a Nokia Asha phone but I assume it's an S40 device which means it is capable of running Whatsapp. Never heard of people having to install certificates first and in any case I think Whatsapp certificates are issued by a Universally recognized CA.

Probable solution: Manually correct the phone's time, restart it and try using Whatsapp again. It should work.
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The solution is discussed here

Install Nokia Suite if you have a PC
Then go to Tools -> Software Upates -> Re-Install phone Software

If you are unable to do that you will need to search online for the relevant certificate and install it which is a tedious process at best.

http://resources.techmesto.com/NokiaCertificates/ -  I did some searching and this might help if you do not have Nokia suite
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just install whatsapp from nokia store or ovi store in yo phone, u will be prompted to download and install missing cert for whatsapp . make sure u accept cert install whn prompted
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Hi. I am unable to forward images, videos from my whatsapp.
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