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by Expert (16.7k points)
Surely techzim answers can block the IP or range of IP's that is continually plaguing what is otherwise a helpful and informative community.
Almost every weekend I am flagging at least 5-10posts from these guy(s).
If moderators are needed I think TZ needs to speak up.

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1 Answer

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by Guru (32.5k points)
Hi fourwallsinaroom,

Thanks for bringing this up, and for contributing to the platform with your questions and especially, answers. Thanks for the spam fighting too. We are usually able to control the spam very well, but recently these guys from India are proving a problem.
1. They are not using a specific range of IPs so it's hard to block too many ranges. We end up blocking legitimate users. We are however blocking each and every IP they use. But one we block on they use another.

2. These are not automatic posts, it's actual people getting in there and signing up. We could resort back to Google's reCaptcha but it was difficult for a lot of people to enter the codes so again it affected legitimate users.

We are on them however and are looking at ways to block their language, as well as to detect the posts better so that even if they sign up, their posts need to be moderated before they can appear on the site.

We are always looking for more moderators for the site. We have promoted your account.

Thank you,
by Expert (16.7k points)
Noted with thanks.
by Contributor (8k points)
As a last resort we can always flag them twice....That's what we have been doing.....
by Guru (32.5k points)
Thanks @art_arev,

We've tightened it a bit. Especially anonymous posts and IPs that posts a ridiculous amount of Qs in a short time. Seems to be working so far but let's see.
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