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asked in Social Media by Expert (16k points)
Okay - so I've just noticed some new anti spam measures from TZ Answers like the new captcha when you post an answer. VERY WELCOME DEVELOPMENTS - WELL DONE GUYS! BUT as soon as I posted the answer , I got and ugly red banner telling me that my answer will be approved shortly. Now I've been here a while, I'm certified as an expert - with just under 13000 of those points. Why would there be any doubts as to whether I'm spamming. Should anybody with more than 5000 have to jump through such hoops?

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1 Answer

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answered by Guru (32.5k points)
Hi Alu Moyo,

Sincere apologies for the need for approval when you clearly are not a spammer. Wasn't intentional. Seems we tightened the screw too much in trying to get rid of the Indian spammers that had hit the site this past month. I'm suspecting its the limitation IP that caused. We'll loosen that up a bit.

Also upgrading you to moderator so you can help fight the spam whenever you are free ;)
commented by Expert (16k points)
Cool - well at least you are winning the spam battle - I've got your back there!
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