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I'm studying for a Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering outside the country. i will graduate in a few years with majors in the following: Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Communications (mobile broadband networks, wireless communications), Computer Science and Computer Engineering. i would like to go back and work in Zimbabwe but i don't know much about these industries in the country and i wouldn't want to go back only to find out that there is nothing for me. my questions are: What is the outlook for each of these industries? which industries are most promising both in terms of money and growth, bearing in mind the state of our economy and political status? and what else is there for me that i might have missed when i finish my Degree? your help and career advice will really be greatly appreciated.
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interested in this too , I am also an ECE student studying  in Germany
, mainly interested in Communications and electronics
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thank you. its good to know i'm not the only one in this boat.
For Zim:
- Telecoms
- Sofware Dev
- Startup

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Im into IT, l learnt my stuff outside the country and lm always in Zim. Truly speaking, dont waste your time trying to go back to Zim as soon as you finish. I had that in mind but l lost hope. Try to get as much experience as you can by gettting a job there then slowly visit Zim and try to identify a market for your knowledge.

I have a lot in mind l can do for my country but the mentality and attitude l hav seen i  Zim is depressing. Everyone is looking for quick money without sweating for it and very lazy as well. You will be frustrated and drained for nothing.
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I am in the same boat, studied engineering and worked abroad for two years then returned to ZIM.
You will want to position yourself with any of the following in order for it to be worth your while
Banks eg. Stanchart, CBZ, Barclays, Stanbic and MBCA
Financial Institutions eg. Old Mutual
Microfinance - be sure to pick the right one if you go this route
and finally hospitality

my 2c.
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that makes a lot of sense. thanks a lot guys i really appreciate the help.
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