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what other network are yu trying to connect to? Do yu mean connecting to another ISP? Most of cpe gear always comes pre-configured with Service provider settings.

Do yu want to load balance between SPs or you want to move btwn SPs, give some more details of what yu actually want to do, then a solution might be suggested to yu.
i want to switch from broadcom to aptics  a complete change of isp
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If you want to completely change a ISP, l assume that you are:

1. A large customer who have a large internal network connected to the  cpe equipment where you find removing the equipment and replace it with another ISP cpe equipment might cause network outage and loss to business.

2. A small business customer or private home use who just does not want the hassles of change or you have developed to  like you cpe equipment that you dont want to lose it through change.

If you are customer one, then you can persuade, not force, but persuade Aptics to integrate there equipment with yours. What they will have to do is to install there own cpe equipment pointing to there network, then  configure your cpe equipment to connect to theirs. This situation does not require an change on your part.
The only change will be that your loved cpe will no longer be seen as one, it will be treated like any other inside network equipment. Aptics will now have there CE(Customer Edge) device directly facing the internet.
The disadvantage comes when your network goes down. Aptics can only test internet connectivity up to their CE device, if it respond and says connectivity is fine, then you will have problem asking them to to do a site visit. In another words, having your loved cpe might complicate troubleshooting if your are having internet connectivity issues.

If you are customer number 2, then your chances of returning that cpe equipment ar very slip. Aptics might prefer the easier part, which is to take out everything and replace with their on solutions, this will benefit you in the future if you have problems with your internet. They can remotely decide if a site visit is necessary or not without you even asking them.
lt will also make your internet uptime more manageable because most ISP have devices which monitor their CE equipment for any faults or problems before they happen.

Please note: If you are customer 1 and you feel that you want to retain your equipment for your own reasons, there are more in-depth solutions which might assist you. But if Arptics haven't structured there networks for that, it might cost you handsomely.
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