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I am trying to choose between the ZTE Z5S Mini and the Huawei P6 as a phone to use.  Both phones can be had for $350 from various legitamate phone shops in Harare (Spellbound, LM, Apex)

I have compared the two and found the following,
GSM Arena claims the ZTE is LTE capable - Have not been able to confirm this  Can anyone comment?

The screens are IGZO capacitive vs IPS+ LCD which is better?
Is Corning Gorilla glass essential?
Zte has bluetooth 4 but Huawei has USB on the GO!
Zte - 13MP and Huawei is 8

I am leaning towards the ZTE for LTE  but USB on the Go is a sweet feature on the P6 especially given the myriad of flash drives that I own.  

Help fellow TZA people.

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from my experience, i wouldnt recommend anyone to ever buy the Ascend P6. Its 2 major flaws are battery life and performance (owing to the incapable Huawei K3v2 SoC). and of course overheating. From the spec-sheet,the ZTE seems far more superior with the Snapdragon 600 SoC, 13mp camera, IGZO display(less power hungry) and its a 2014 phone.for me, its a no brainer, i'd go with ZTE
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Thanks Tendy!  Do you have any idea about after sales support? My last phone which was the GTEL A 717 explorer fell and the screen was cracked.  The touch side of things stopped working and GTEL never had them in stock so now its just a paper weight.  Not that I am careless but there are little ones around the house and when my Galaxy fell, the screen cracked but it still worked, was just un pleasing to the eye!  That said new measures in place to secure my smart  touch devices!

 Managed to do some reading on IGZO and it is cutting edge.  I will hopefully snag mine pay day!  Will let you know how it goes
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cool, all the best!!!. about cracked screens, its not much of a problem nowadays as replacements are readily available at the click of a button. You can search on  gsmserver.com, ebay.com, aliexpress.com , ipmart.com etc, they sell multitudes of spare parts for almost every phone, you can then ask a technician to do the fitting for you.
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Thanks the challenge with Gtel is you can not get those screens anywhere except Gtel!  And I like how the samsungs etc. you can replace the "glass" as it were without replacing the underlying stuff. Now gtel its one unit
USB on the Go is supported in Android with all these phones even if it isn't mentioned usually.  Thats what I have found in the past with the ZTE models at least.
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