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Currently on dropbox but I've run out of space and thinking of switching. For those on Google Drive, what has been the biggest + and the biggest negative in using it

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3 Answers

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by Expert (16.7k points)
Google drive for me has a strong point in that it is integrated with my Google apps account.  i can therefore move message attachments etc from email to drive and drive to email easily.  
On the negative side, I am running out of space and do not want to pay for extra storage.

With Drop Box I have 50GB that I got from the HTC promotion and for inviting people etc.  I enjoy the simple layout.

I have nested my google drive in my drop box, so I can see all my G content in drop box.
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by Contributor (8.2k points)
The free ones, without promotions and all, Google offers more space (2GB compared to 15GB)

    Google has the advantage of integrating with all your other Google services (YouTube, G+, GMail etc) hence its easy to move attachments/files)

    I also run a lot of forms for a number of websites I manage, forms are not available on DB, also, editing of docs etc . . .

    Dropbox is sexy!

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by Guru (31.2k points)
Personally all cloud services are the same if they are free...  The major variation comes when you pay for that service.
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