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OK, I had to classify this under Mobile Banking since its probably the best, Admin, I think now a category like "Online Payments" is needed.

Back to my question, anyone who has so far used the Econet/Ecocash/Steward Bank Mastercard for an onlin payment? Share experiences, e.g What is The cardholders name? the four letter nickname or my name, coz I first have to get a virtual card, and I dont know wether the virtual card number is linked to my name or the nickname, tried both and it failed!

Use EcoCash to buy NetOne & Telecel airtime online. Tap here

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Hie Tawanda

I was able to successfully buy ebooks online on Kindle. When I got the virtual card(on the EcoCash USSD under wallet services), it asked me to enter a 4 letter name, which I did. The name I used for the virtual card is different from the one that I used to activate my physical card.
For me to successfully purchase, I had to then enter those details on my Amazon account, under My account - Add a payment method - enter your credit card number(virtual card number) - name on card(the 4 letter name i used when I got the virtual card)-expiration date(date I was given when i got my virtual card).

After that process, I went back to Kindle, and when I clicked on my book(s), the payment went through, I instantly received an EcoCash confirmation, and my book(s) downloaded to my device instantly.

From my experience, the virtual account number is linked to the 1 letter nickname you enter when activating your virtual card.
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you are a lifesaver man,it worked, i think you need to make you instructions a bit clearer though.... one has to set a second new nickname!!!
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