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THIS IS THE RESPONSE I AM GETTING 'We were unable to verify this card. Please review and make sure that the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please enter a different card.'
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Am also having the same problem tried calling steward bank customer care she told me about getting a virtual card number generated which last for 24 hrs but don't think it will work cause I don't think that's the number PayPal want didn't try it you might try that method. Generating that virtual card number will cost you $0. 50  let me no if it works
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same here, this looks like a shitty half baked overzealous project, shame on econet,am stuck on paypal too.decided to try to make a payment on  godaddy and godaddy asked for name written on card, there is none, nevertheless tried ecocash debit as is written to no avail.
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I was very excited when I got my card, only to be stuck on Paypal. The card is pretty much useless to me if I can't open a Paypal account.
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it allows you to open a paypal account i just did it now you get a virtual card number through the menu and they give u an acc no and a cw number those are what you use to go by .
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I have got the virtual card thing but the problem is that they want a 4 digit number from the card statement but I dont know were to get it.

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Here is what I found out from the Ecocash Facebook page, I haven't tried it though.
1.Dial *151*200#
2.Enter PIN
3.Select wallet Services option 8
4.Select EcoCash debit card option 5
5.Select get virtual card option 6
6.Enter 4 character nickname to identify card eg "jack".
7.You will recieve two sms with the 16 digit card number and the 3 digit security number (cvv).

Card expires after 14 days To purchase online,
1. Select MasterCard as payment option
2. Enter you name as it appears on your EcoCash account. (You can verify by trying to send money to your own number.)
3. Enter address, use 263 for zip code.
4. Enter month and year of expiry as it appears on the SMS and you are good to go.
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I guess this means you'll have to generate a virtual card every 14 days.
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I ran into the same problem, then later realized that Econet got around the mass distribution of the cards problem (which means that it will not be linked to your around off the pack) by allowing you to link it yourself. So, from the ecocash menu go to option 8 (wallet services) and get a virtual card ( perfectly legitimate and safe option if you ask me). You will have to name your virtual card with a four letter name/letters then they will send you your card number and security number (cvv) which you can input into your online payments options. What I find really hairsplitting is the fact that it expires after  14 days - I make a lot of online purchases and I find this totally unnecessary and a tad bit bordering on theft. I have used the Ecocash card for the past week to make online purchases and works pretty well, if you can tolerate the work arounds - believe they are necessary for such an open system.
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PayPal is a very hard animal to work with due to rampant online fraud across the cyber world. They have a very cheeky algorithm. If you are planning on buying and /or selling online (hopefully enabled soon for Zim) you will need to get a proper debit card. Virtual cards the type offered by EcoCash at present that expire after a few short weeks or months won't cut it, in my view.

My best recommendation right now is to get a simple BancABC prepaid card for $10.00 ( needs proof or res+ID copy+2 passport size photos). It will easily verify with PayPal. You can load cash on it at any branch across the country (I here (though not verified) even at other BancABC branches outside of zim e.g Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania etc) and the amount will be on the card instantly and you can go ahead to make online purchases.
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Try and use this Free International Prepaid Card: http://goo.gl/lFkWds
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