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I have been trying to pay for some domain and hosting renewals on godaddy. This Ecocash debit card thing is not working forme, hell I dont even know what to inout when it says nameon card since the cards dont have nameson them, i tried my name, then tried ecocash debit then ecocash then eco cash all to no avail. Seems like this is some half baked overzealous project is not it?
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You know what to do!! You tried to skip me this time?
Sorry to digress and for being unhelpful but Godaddy has the most crapiest services. If you can move away from them, do so. If you have clients, I advise any new signups to be moved elsewhere.
Ask Google.
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kkkkkkk @macd no I didnt

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i dont think its the ecocash card only. Godaddy is just acting up period. i've tried my fbc mastercard and stachart visa and they are all not working. but they are working just fine on other sites. will get an ecocash card tomorrow to also give it a test run
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I just renewed with a South Africa Tax Refund Visa with no name and I have no problem.
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