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Try your luck at Sony Store. Corner 2nd Street/Samora Machel. Harare Tel: + 263 4 774716 and Samsung  Joina Centre, Harare (+263) 4777756 or Shop 13 & 14 Sam Levys Village (+263) 4777751. If you find no joy there, you'll have to pound the pavement and check out other high end electronics stores in town, westgate and borrowdale. You could also get more specific referrals or special orders from them if you ask nicely.

Also, look into online services like http://zimazon.co.zw/ (find links for the stuff you want on amazon.com and submit them to the zimazon site for landed prices) and https://www.facebook.com/zimboshopper (provide them with links to products from SA shops for your quote). Be warned, between shipping (the sony tips the scale at a 'reasonably light' 7.6kgs. Some top end gear can weigh close to 20kgs!), taxes, duty and markups you could spend almost double the retail prices or more.

If you find something locally, let us know. Good hunting!
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